Detail of flute keywork made by Peter Worrell

The Cambridge Woodwind Makers are an organisation based in Cambridge, UK who have created a workshop to preserve and promote the art and artisanship of woodwind instrument making.

The facilities provided by the Cambridge Woodwind Makers offer professionals and novices a chance to learn more about how to make and repair instruments, it also offers the general public an opportunity to observe and appreciate the skills used. 

Our premesis are at Lintech Court in Linton, just south of Cambridge.

Founder, Daniel Bangham has recently picked up an award for best new "enabling device" at the OHMI competition held in London. The invention called the Daniel's Claritie enables clarinetists and oboe players to support their instruments with minimal or no weight on the right hand thumb. This is proving a huge benefit to players with hypermobility, arthritis or other physical impairments.

The Cambridge Woodwind Makers