Detail of flute keywork made by Peter Worrell


Course overview | Learn about your brass instruments; how they work, how to identify problems, see what can go wrong and how to fix it.

Offering an opportunity to learn how your brass works and how to clean, care and fix problems. With expert guidance you will observe and practice repair skills and learn how check if your instrument is performing at its best.

Using the dedicated teaching workshop at Stapleford Granary near Cambridge, you will have access to the guidance, tools and materials you might require. We have a range of  instruments for you to practice on. You are also invited to bring your own, a students, or an instrument from school to work on.

These courses are aimed at professional players, music teachers, college students as well interested players and  craftspeople. As a player, knowing that your instrument is functioning at its best will give you greater confidence and improve your playing experience.

The aim is to equip you with the skills needed to identify problems, undertake successful emergency repairs and maintain your woodwind instrument in good playing condition.

Course Tutor | Michael Münkwitz, tutor on our popular Trumpet Making course, brass repairer and maker.

Abilities | This course caters for skill-levels starting from beginner to advanced. Players, teachers, partners of players or anyone interested are all welcome. Age 16 + only.

Course length | 1 day.

Dates | See calendar to the right or below.

Don't see dates that suit you? Further courses can be arranged throughout the year; email

Time | 10am - 4pm.

Cost | £70 per person. 

Location | TO BE CONFIRMED (6 Lintech Court in Linton OR Wood, Wind & Reed workshop. 106 Russell Street, Cambridge, CB2 1HU)

Wood, Wind & Reed is a specialist music shop also founded by Daniel Bangham, it is approximately a 5minute walk from Cambridge Train Station.

Booking | To book use the links below.

Further information | For enquiries email Daniel Bangham @

Location: All our courses are held at the Champion Workshop at Bury Farm, Bury Road, Stapleford, Cambridge, CB22 5BP (England) 

Further Information: 

Remember to bring at least one instrument of either your own, a student, or a school. You will also need to bring an apron or workshop clothing. Don't forget glasses if you need them, the work involves looking at small details. If you have any tools of your own, then please bring them and make sure they are marked or labelled. Please bring a packed lunch or you can visit the village store or pub both within walking distance of the workshop.

We provide instruments for you to practice on, tools, equipment and tuition. Light refreshments will also be provided. Repair materials will be available and excess charged on an "as used" basis.

Lunches can be bought from the village store or pub, both within walking distance of the workshop.

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For more experienced participants we will be developing extended courses over weekend or holiday periods. Subject to interest we also intend to hold specialist courses on mouthpiece design, advanced repair techniques, recorder making and many other woodwind related topics.

Brass Repair & Care

Learn about looking after your brass instruments and how to do basic repairs.