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Course overview | Renowned recorder maker Jacqueline Sorel from Holland, will be showing participants how to choose and recognise a good recorder as well as teaching the refined methods for adjusting and improving instruments. She will also demonstrate aspects of recorder making with hands-on opportunities.

This course is not about recorder playing. There are many excellent teachers everywhere to turn to for that. This course is about getting to know the nature of the recorder. It’s about learning ’how it works’, the instrument, technically speaking, but also from a practical point of view. The course is for everyone! You don’t need to be technically talented or even interested. You will be amazed about the logic of how a tone is produced. You’ll experience how much you will be able to improve your playing by understanding what you can and cannot expect from the instrument. You will be able to diagnose the possible problems of your instrument and what you can do about it, or know when you need to ask for help from a professional repairer.

Like anything, having a greater awareness and understanding can improve your interaction with it. Having a greater knowledge about your recorder, how it works and how it can be altered will ultimately improve your playing (or other peoples).

Learn how to choose and refine a recorder to suit you. Learn how to manipulate and adjust a recorder using basic hand tools. Learn how a recorder is made. Go home confident in the skills of maintaining and improving your recorders and with an enhanced awareness of the instrument and its flexibility.

There will also be an open session after the course; Jacqueline will have a selection of instruments with her that she has made, these will be available to try and then custom order.

There will be opportunities to understand the nature of your instrument and basic repair techniques, to improve your use of tools and knowledge to get the most out of your recorder.

Course director | Jacqueline Sorel: Professional recorder maker and player based in The Hague, Holland.

Abilities | Mainly for recorder lovers, this course is suitable for practical musicians, artisans or crafts people. Suitable for adults and students over 16 years old.

Some basic hand tool experience is desirable but not essential.

Course length | Half a day.

Dates | See calendar to the right or below.

Don't see dates that suit you? Further courses can be arranged throughout the year; email

Time | 10.00am - 1.00pm | 2.00pm - 5.00pm

Cost | Half days £35/person/session.

Location | The Champion Workshop, 6 Lintech Court, Linton, CB21 4XN. Details of transport and location can be found in the Visitors Centre section.

Personal accident insurance | We do have public liability insurance, however personal accident insurance is obligatory for non-EU participants. Booking | To book use the links below.

Further information | For enquiries email Daniel Bangham @

The course fee covers all the materials, tools and expert tuition. It also includes light refreshments. Lunches can be bought from the village store or pub, both within walking distance of the workshop.

Please bring your own recorder(s) with you.

For further information please enquire @

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Recorder Repair & Care
"I have just returned from the (as you predicted) excellent course run by Jacqueline Sorel. It was exactly what I needed as an amateur recorder player, enabling me to understand the principles of the instrument and how to care for it to keep it in top condition. She is a first-rate teacher and, clearly, a first-rate craftsman. Very interesting to compare her recorders with my 40-year-old Moecks.
Many thanks for laying on the course." - Peter Draper - March 2015

"It was a fantastic afternoon! We loved it! She was fab with the children and very passionate about what she does. " - Natasha Kemp - March 2015 - Children's Group of Recorder Players